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Band of Rain: Links

Bandcamp downloads

All 5 Band of Rain albums are available here as high quality FLAC files. You can buy a single track or a whole album...

Band of Rain on Spotify
Band of Rain on Face Book
Chris Gill Facebook
The excellent Ria Parfitt
Gordo Bennett
Micha Steinbacher Facebook
Chris Gill My Space
Strux Music
Rainer Strucks my space site
You Tube
Music by The Nonexistent, video put together by Nemesis....
The Nonexistent, Space rock band with Chris on guitar/keyboards
Mooch MY Space with samples
Buy a normal copy of The Mooch Double CD
Pagan Productions
T shirts and stuff...Seriously good gear, go take a look and spend yer money!
Great muso and composer. Chris will be singing a couple of songs on Mooch's next album due out 2008
Limited edition of Mooch album.

Some favourite websites

Nucleus Progressive Rock Site Argentina
CARLOS VAZ - Brazilian prog site
A truly monumental prog rock site.With a review of Band of Rains Garlands.
Melos prog forums
Forums and reviews on Band of Rain and many others ie Helmet of Gnats. (Such a brilliant name!) Run by the fabulous Anita!

Some of the Stations playing Band of Rain

prog palace radio
Prog palace radio, great station. Tune in to the Friday Frenzy!
Radio station on the web and airwaves out of Nuremberg Germany.
ARFM Radio
Tune in to Paul Bakers ARFM soundscapes show on Sunday afternoons.
Eufonia Mexico
A really interesting site and radio station.